6-year-old cuts classmate’s face with knife during school, police say

PETERSBURG, Va. — An elementary school student in Virginia is under investigation after police said he brought a knife to school and cut a 6-year-old classmate on the face.

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Police said the first 6-year-old took a pocketknife to Walnut Hill Elementary School Tuesday and cut another child from his earlobe to his face while the kids were outside for recess, WWBT reported.

When police arrived, they tried to recover the knife, but the child told them that he had thrown it away.

The child who was cut is expected to be OK.

Police said they don’t expect to file charges against the child allegedly who used the knife.

“We have these programs in place where we can bring a child in and we can explain to them — these are things that may happen if you continue on this kind of path. That way, later on in life, when they apply for jobs and prepare for college and stuff like this, they don’t have these little minor hiccups along the way that can set them back,” Petersburg Police Capt. Dustin Sloan told WWBT.

Sloan also had a message for parents — to make sure they know what their children are taking to school.

“Make sure you’re doing the best you can to maybe check some articles that you know your child is bringing on to school grounds, such as backpacks, lunch pales, anything like that, sports packs or whatnot,” Sloan told WWBT.

The school is telling parents to talk about safety with their children, The Associated Press reported.