‘Considerably large’ boat blocks traffic on Florida highway

CRESTVIEW, Fla. — A “considerably large boat” blocked traffic on a Florida highway Thursday night and quickly drew comparisons on social media to another massive boat, the Ever Given, that is blocking shipping traffic in the Suez Canal.

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The Crestview Fire Department said the Florida Highway Patrol oversaw the removal of the 38-foot pink-and-white boat from Interstate 10 which blocked traffic for about three hours Thursday night.

Expect delays at the Crestview MM56 Overpass going westbound. A considerably large boat is blocking westbound traffic....

Posted by Crestview Fire Department on Thursday, March 25, 2021

The highway patrol said the driver of the pickup truck hauling the boat noticed the trailer swaying violently from side to side before it collided with a guardrail, causing the boat to break free, The New York Times reported. The boat flipped several times before it stopped, blocking traffic on both westbound lanes of the interstate. There were no injuries, the fire department said.

Images of the wrecked Scout boat were quickly swept up in memes with the Ever Given, the Empire State building-sized ship, which despite attempts over the last few days, including digging and pulling it with tugboats, is still lodged in the canal.

The company working to dislodge the cargo ship said it could take days or even weeks to free it, The Times reported.

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