Couple celebrates divorce with ‘I don’t’ photo shoot

An Oklahoma woman and her ex-husband recently recognized a milestone that isn’t often celebrated in the U.S.

Shalena Casanova and her former husband participated in a photo shoot to commemorate their divorce.

Casanova posted about the photo shoot on Facebook and shared a photo with Tulsa-based KOKI-TV.

While she doesn’t necessarily encourage divorce, Casanova said the split was more beneficial for the well-being of the former couple’s family, specifically their children.

“We are by no means condoning divorce. However, we are not ashamed to celebrate the end of our marriage. We choose to co-parent successfully,” she wrote in a now-private post on Facebook. “We choose to separate FOR the kids and not believe the lie that staying together for the sake of the kids is what is best for them. We love fully when we are our best selves."

While divorce photo shoots aren’t extremely popular, Casanova isn’t the first to do it.

Pinterest hosts multiple boards with ideas for “trash the dress” photo shoots and “divorce celebrations."

“I’ve had so many women reach out to me after the photo shoot and tell me that they were empowered just by the photos to get out of a bad relationship,” one woman said after gaining attention for her photos.

Another said it was “so much fun” and she would “recommend divorce shoots for people that are willing to do it.”