Doctor ditches scrubs, dresses as Easter Bunny to cheer up neighborhood

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A doctor on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic is also not only trying to save lives, but he’s also trying to bring smiles to kids in his neighborhood.

Dr. Adam Scher at first was going to put on an Easter Bunny costume to surprise his daughters.

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“We wanted to create a way to keep the magic rolling for the girls,” Scher told ABC News. “As we were taking, my wife actually made the suggestion to spread the joy to our entire neighborhood.”

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So Scher made his rounds, not as a doctor, but as the Easter Bunny bringing smiles to the neighborhood, even leaving some eggs and treats for the kids, making sure to stay a safe distance away, WYFF reported.

“Honestly, with all that has been going on...all of which I see every day, this was a welcome moment of joy and happiness. For that hour or two, life was normal,” Scher told ABC News.