Final report: Orange County Sheriff’s Office releases its findings on Bob Saget’s death

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said it has released the final report from its investigation into the death of actor and comedian Bob Saget.

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The sheriff’s office said it spoke with several people who had interacted with Saget before his death, WFTV reported.

Those interviewed said that it did not appear that Saget was drugged or drunk.

Their statements agree with the medical examiner’s report that showed that there were no drugs or alcohol in Saget’s system when he died.

The medical examiner said Saget suffered accidental head trauma and that he had slight swelling and a small bruise to the corner of his left eye, WFTV reported.

The Associated Press reported that the fractures around Saget’s eye sockets and the bleeding was possibly caused by hitting “something hard, covered by something soft,” for example the carpeted floor.

Whatever he hit his head on, the Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany said that it would have stunned Saget and that he would have been dizzy after the injury, the AP reported.

If he would have been around people after falling, Stephany said in the report that they would have noticed “confusion, balance, and/or slurred speech.” He said it would have been impossible for Saget to have made the two-hour drive from Jacksonville to Orlando hours before officials said he died. But the report did not indicate where Saget may have fallen, the AP reported.

There were no other trauma or injuries found.

There was also no blood found on the hotel room’s bedsheets or bedspread. The medical examiner ruled out counters, tables and nightstands in the room since they had hard surfaces. The suite was mostly carpeted and the headboard was lightly padded so they may have been “possible mechanisms of injury.”

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Saget was found dead in an Orlando hotel room in January.

The sheriff’s office final report was released the day after a judge ruled that some of the photos and other records relating to Saget’s death would be permanently sealed.

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The Orange County Sheriff’s office said it “will comply with the order, while remaining committed to transparency and following the law regarding access to public records,” WFTV reported.

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