Man who received oily pennies as final pay gets help transferring them to cash

The man whose former employer allegedly dumped a load of oily pennies in his driveway as his final pay now has the cold hard cash, not piles of change.

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Coinstar, the company that provides coin counting machines in retail locations across the country, helped to process the 91,000 dirty coins left for Andreas Flaten, the company said in a news release.

The company picked up the wheelbarrow load of coins, and exchanged the $915 that was left, and then rounded out the amount to an even $1000.

Coinstar said it processes about 41 billion coins each year, so the 91,000 pennies “was all in a day’s work.”

Flaten had been spending each night cleaning off whatever was dumped on the coins so he would eventually be able to cash them in, The Associated Press reported last month.

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Flaten’s former boss was asked about the pile of pennies but claimed he didn’t remember and said the only thing that mattered was that his former employee got paid, the AP reported.

A doorbell video shows a man dropping off he money whom Flaten believes is a current employee at his former company, who says, “Hey, your money is at the end of the driveway, bud,” The New York Times reported.

Flaten’s final payment is legal, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. A spokesperson told the Times, “There is nothing in the regulations that dictates in what currency the employee must be paid.”

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