Over 3 dozen dogs treading water in Mississippi lake rescued by fishing crew

Around 38 hound dogs were seen in the Mississippi chasing a deer.

Around 38 hound dogs were seen in a Mississippi lake chasing a deer.

The dogs were part of a fox hunt in Grenada, WMC-TV reported. The dogs reportedly got lost during the hunt and had a hard time getting on shore, according to WTVA.

Fishermen saw the dogs and could tell that they were exhausted by the time that they did, according to The Associated Press. The dogs had been in the water for about 45 minutes to an hour, WMC-TV reported.

“A deer can swim the Mississippi River, and those dogs are not going to catch a deer in the water,” one of the fishermen, Bob Gist said. according to the AP.

The dogs had expensive collars and white paint on them, WMC-TV reported. The fishermen pulled the boat up to each dog and then pulled them onto it. Once it was filled, they went back to the shore to bring them and went back for another load. It took about three trips and led to about 38 dogs.

“There were dogs everywhere,” Gist said, according to the AP. “They were kind of swimming in circles and didn’t know which direction to go.”

“Opportunities to help somebody are in front of us all the time,” Gist said. “Sometimes if you see something, do something.”

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