Tyre Nichols death: How to protect yourself, your kids mentally from the video

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The videos of Tyre Nichols’ arrest Friday night by the Memphis Police Department are difficult to watch due to the violence but it is also hard to avoid.

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Knowing your limits is one approach many psychologists suggest about caring for your mental health, according to CNN. Some may even choose to find a way to avoid watching the video altogether.

Research shows that frequent exposure to violent news events can cause negative stress reactions. Even witnessing vicarious violence can raise a person’s sense of anxiety and fear and, in some cases, lead to post-traumatic stress disorder,” according to CNN.

Monnica Williams, a clinical psychologist and expert on race-based trauma told NPR that one of the best ways to cope is to not watch the videos at all stating that for more people, “violent videos tend to do more harm than good.” Williams also said that there are ways to stay informed about the case aside from watching the video or seeing images from them. Find those other ways she said.

It is also good to have a check-in with yourself, Dr. Erlanger Turner, a psychologist and assistant professor of psychology at Pepperdine University told CNN.

“I oftentimes tell people to know yourself before you consume the content, because everybody responds to these types of images differently,” said Turner.

Turner also said that parents should prepare to have a conversation with their children following the release of the videos and anticipate their questions.

Here are some resources and places where you can get help, according to CNN:

Schools like the University of California San Diego on Saturday are hosting a “support space” following the release of Nichols’ arrest video. “The Colleges Student Affairs staff members will provide a space for students to engage in an open dialogue and process the recent events surrounding Tyre Nichols.”

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