Woman accused of stabbing niece instead of dog who ate her chicken sandwich

INDIANAPOLIS — A woman was arrested in Indianapolis earlier this week after her young niece was stabbed in a hotel room, authorities said.

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was called out to a Days Inn located in the 8300 block of Craig Street Tuesday around 11 p.m., according to WXIN. When officers arrived, they found a 1-year-old girl who appeared to have been stabbed in the neck.

The suspect was found shortly after hiding in a bush by the hotel, the news station reported.

Sharon Key, 32, is facing a criminal recklessness charge, police said, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Key was identified as the 1-year-old girl’s aunt, according to WXIN.

The 1-year-old was in critical condition when she arrived at the hospital. She is expected to survive but she got stitches in her ear and head. She also suffered a fractured temporal bone, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Star.

According to police reports obtained by WXIN, Key allegedly confessed to that the stabbing was an accident. She told police that she went with her family to get food at a Burger King in the area to get some food to bring back to the hotel.

Key claimed that a dog ate her chicken sandwich, court records said, according to the news outlet. Key said she got mad so she chased the dog with a knife and the dog jumped on the bed where the child was. She then tried to stab the dog but missed and stabbed the child.

The girl’s mother was also in the hotel room at the time of the incident and was the one who called 911, WXIN reported. She was reportedly in the bathroom at the time of the incident.

The dog was taken by an animal control officer after the incident, the Star reported.

Jail records obtained by WXIN show that Key has been in and out of jail around 20 times over the last 10 years. The child’s mother told investigators that Key has drug, mental health and other temper issues, the Star reported.

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