Airline maintenance crews ramping up ahead of what could be busy summer travel season

WASHINGTON — With hundreds of airplanes idled due to the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year, there could be hope on the horizon as we approach summer. Passenger traffic is rebounding in many airports, such as Reagan International, and it has airline maintenance crews ramping, up getting planes ready to be back in the air.

“You have people coming back to work who haven’t worked on airplanes in a number of months. So yeah, I think there needs to be some extra vigilance in getting these planes out there and ready to fly,” said aviation attorney Jim Brauchle.

The FAA said planes that have been sitting idle could risk “dual engine failure” in flight. So how concerned should you be to fly again?

“What people should be more concerned about is sightseeing flights or charter outfits. Those are the ones that need extra scrutiny,” Brauchle said.

Industry groups said flights are nearing 75% full, which is up from just last month.