Can dogs sniff out coronavirus?

Can dogs sniff out coronavirus?

Can dogs sniff out the coronavirus?

A dog’s nose is about 50 times more sensitive than a human’s.

These dogs in Chile have already been working for years in detecting explosives -- they only need to learn a new smell.

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The virus itself does not have a smell, but the infection generates a certain type of sweat the dogs can detect.

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There’s reason to believe dogs can be trained to find COVID-19 in people even before symptoms develop.

Chilean Police hope to have these four dogs ready to start patrols in September.

Researchers in London are also training dogs to detect coronavirus infections.

Medical detection dogs have already been used successfully in conditions from Parkinson’s to malaria.

While dogs can catch coronavirus, there’s no evidence to suggest they can spread the disease.

Researchers hope the dogs’ work will help the travel industry bounce back