Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins accept White House invitation

Some championship-winning teams have declined the invitation to visit the White House and meet President Donald Trump.

The Pittsburgh Penguins publicly announced that they will accept that invitation.

The team announced Sunday in a statement that it would accept the White House’s invitation and attend the White House ceremonies this year after winning its second consecutive Stanley Cup.


In the statement, the Penguins said they “respect the institution of the Office of the President, and the long tradition of championship teams visiting the White House.”

The team said they respect the rights of other individuals and groups to express themselves, but there are other ways to protest.

“Any agreement or disagreement with a president's politics, policies or agenda can be expressed in other ways,” the statement said.

The Golden State Warriors (NBA) and North Carolina Tar Heels (NCAA Men’s Basketball) have declined President Trump’s invitations, though Trump withdrew the Warriors’ invitation Saturday in a tweet.

You can read the Penguins' full statement here.