Best tornado safety, preparation methods ahead of Wednesday severe weather

PITTSBURGH — While forecasting for tornadoes is never a slam dunk thing, we do have a unique situation for our area Wednesday night. The dynamics, if they can come together, could produce several clusters of severe thunderstorm cells capable of producing tornadoes.

The best chance of a tornadic cell is northwest of Pittsburgh with places like Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit and Indianapolis likely to have a least a few tornado warnings during the afternoon and evening Wednesday.

So, let’s review quickly some simple (obvious) tornado safety in your home. Should you have a tornado warning for your area, head to the basement. It is the safest place in the house. The best location in the basement is an interior room or underneath a stairwell. If you do not have a basement, and interior room on the lowest possible floor is the next best option. Avoid windows. Avoid the upper floors of your home.

Make sure you are ready now for the power to go out. Have batteries in your flashlights. Charge your phone before Wednesday evening. And I cannot recommend a weather app enough. Our Severe Weather Team 11 app will alert you to warnings specifically for where you are as long as your location services are turned on for the app. In a situation like 60+ mph winds and tornadoes, it really could be a life saver.


Severe Weather Team 11 will have live updates on storm timing and strength in every newscast. New data, new timing, new information so you will be ready Wednesday night.

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