• Will Pittsburgh hip-hop dance team Tribe Unleashed return to 'World of Dance?'

    By: Marina Weis

    The Pittsburgh hip-hop dance group Tribe Unleashed did a great job competing against dancers from around the world for a $1 million prize on "World of Dance."
    The girls made it all the way to the second round, The Duels.
    See & Be Seen talked to the girls and their choreographer Dominique Schuster about their experience.
    "When we went through the first round, the girls went nuts," Schuster said. "It was like a whole new group of girls. They were confident and realized they did deserve to be there." 
    The girls said they would love to have another chance on the show. They are preparing to audition again.
    "We know they love our tricks, which is our wow-factor," said Rylie Stewart, a Tribe member from Canonsburg. "If we went back, we wold be sure to make those even bigger and take bigger risks."

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    Tribe Unleashed members:

    Sami Huwe, Bethel Park High School

    Bella Benner, Peters Township High School

    Lexi Klock, PA Cyber School

    Aly Jones, Peters Township High School

    Ava Matuscin, Canon McMillan

    Courtney Sue Johnson,  Canon McMillian High School 

    Tori Heilmann,  Peters Township High School

    Anna Radnor,  McMurray Elementary

    Franki Casilli, Peters Township High School 

    Audrey Faloni, Peters Township High School

    Gabby Tornari, Peters Township High School

    Auriana Carrington,  Peters Township High School

    Kaylie Parker,  Peters Township High School

    Rylie Stewart ,Canon McMillian High School

    Jenna Fairbanks, Peters Township 


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