• Kennywood's Steel Curtain set to take first trip with riders


    Pittsburgh, fasten those seat belts, because Kennywood's most anticipated coaster of the season is ready for riders! 

    The Steel Curtain opens to general public Saturday, but before the attraction officially opens, Kennywood is welcoming a select group of riders up its 220-foot lift hill and through the North American record nine inversion coaster.

    In addition to the first VIP riders, the park is welcoming members of the Pittsburgh Steelers to twirl their Terrible Towels and get a ride themselves.

    The Steel Curtain is part of the new Steelers-themed area of the park called Steelers Country and sits where the Log Jammer ride used to be.

    Kennywood announced the roller coaster's opening date June 28, following a weekend of test runs June 22.

    The park completed the inversions in early June, which are projected to be the tallest in North America. The cars for the coaster arrived in May.

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