• Ligonier '50s festival goes back in time


    The town of Ligonier goes back to the '50s every year with The Stroll festival.

    It all started with a classic car show at the Diamond downtown and grew to include more '50s traditions, including poodle skirts and homemade pie sales. 

    PHOTOS: Ligonier celebrates '50s with annual Stroll event
    Due to construction, this year's event took place at the borough's Holy Trinity Church.

    Kathy and Ted Moss didn’t have to drive far from the neighboring town of Latrobe.

    "We’re always up here," Ted said. "We spend more time up here than we do in Latrobe."

    They brought their 1975 Triumph Spitfire to show. They bought their "little red baby" on eBay.

    "This is my only car," Ted said. Then he looked at his wife and joked, "she only allows one at a time."

    In the spirit of the '50s, I asked them what they loved about the era.

    "No cellphones," they both agreed. 


    "The simplicity of life at that time," Kathy said. "You were with your kids more. You were more family oriented. I think that’s what I miss about it the most."

    Ted said he likes working on old-school vehicles more.

    "I am a mechanic by trade," he said. "I can’t work on my new vehicles. I don’t have the equipment or the know-how. So, having this lets me do what I want to do." The couple will show their car again at the Great American Banana Split festival in Latrobe Aug. 24 through Aug. 26

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