Sliders Curling: Competitive 'bar-style' ice curling rink opening in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — If the first competitive ice curling rink hasn't slid onto your list of things to try out, allow us to help you out with an exclusive first look at Pittsburgh's new spot.

Sliders Curling opens Nov. 27 in Millvale attached to Lumberjaxes, and "See and Be Seen" had to check it out.

Guests can experience a one-hour session where groups of 2-16 people can learn the basics of curling while in a social atmosphere.

Then, you can put your skills to the test and compete in a friendly competition with a gold medal on the line.

The great thing about it? You won't need any special shoes or equipment, just make sure you bring a jacket since it's partially outdoors - - and of course, the ice makes it chilly.

Rubber mats are used rather than walking on and sweeping the ice -- and if you're 21 or older, you can even do this while drinking a beer.

Sliders Curling is currently BYOB, but a full service bar is coming soon.

Booking is open and you can click here for more information.