• 95-year-old salesman can't bring himself to retire


    CAMDEN, N.Y. - Talk about a life-long career. 

    Working past retirement age isn't for everybody, but one man in New York can't imagine anything else. It's tough to keep up with this slick salesman whose life-long career is still going at 95 years old.

    "I've worked seven days a week all of my life," Ron Jones told WSYR. "I love it. I love it."


    Jones can usually be found in his Dodge Charger on his sales route for the Central Petroleum Company. He has 240 clients and has been selling oil products for 61 years.

    His clients are cared for like close friends, generation after generation. "To know that you have somebody that you can trust in and know, is always there when you need a product, and he's never let me down before," said John Gerber of Camden Collision.

    Letting anyone down isn't in Jones' DNA. A few years ago, his former employer told him he was too old to keep selling. He disagreed and was quickly scooped up the Central Petroleum Company. Year after year, he still ranks high among all salesmen in the entire country.

    "I'm motivated. Before I get up in the morning, at 3 in the morning, I'll be thinking, 'Who am I going to be able to sell today?' Oh, yeah," said Jones. His work ethic is so legendary that he spent his 95th birthday networking, passing out his business card at his own birthday party. "Y'know what? I sold $5,600 the day of the party," a smiling Jones said.

    Jones is also an accomplished hunter and marksman, hitting the bullseye from three-quarters of a mile away and riding around on his ATV.

    At 95, Jones refuses to slow down. He said the secret to his longevity is making healthy choices. He has never smoked, doesn't drink and as a former dairy farmer, he firmly believes drinking milk has made a difference.


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