• School districts respond to complaints, reports of hot classrooms


    BETHEL PARK, Pa. - Two local school districts are responding after getting complaints about the heat in classrooms.

    Parents contacted Channel 11 with concerns that children were getting overheated.

    One complaint came from Colfax Elementary School in the Pittsburgh Public School District, where the parent claimed classroom temperatures were near 90 degrees.

    The district responded, saying custodial staff started early to open windows and cool down rooms.


    There was also bottled water brought to all rooms without air conditioning.

    A district spokesperson also reminded parents they can keep their children home from school for health reasons if needed, as long as they report it to the school.

    At Bethel Park High School there were similar complaints. A district spokesperson told Channel 11 the central air is having issues, causing some classrooms to get warm and that they are working on a fix, as well as providing water.

    Both districts also noted that the heat the past few days has been extreme and a break in the upcoming days will cool things down.



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