• Canadian town selling 'Old Town Road' signs to thwart thieves


    SICAMOUS, B.C. - A Canadian community that is the victim of the record-breaking song "Old Town Road" has decided to turn lemons into profitable lemonade.

    The mayor of Sicamous, British Columbia, said fans keep stealing the sign for their street that is actually named Old Town Road.


    They've replaced several signs already, but instead of adding security to the sign or making it harder to steal, the mayor came up with a unique plan to deal with the problem.

    "The sign is constantly being stolen, taken off there because it's only two bolts holding it on. And so we thought, 'OK, well this is what's happening. How can we take this negative and turn it into a positive?' So we got creative. So our staff got creative and we thought, 'We'll get the chamber of commerce on board, and we'll make up a bunch of signs.' And if they want signs, we'll sell them the signs," Mayor Terry Rysz to the CBC.

    So far, Sicamous has made 100 signs. They are selling them for $25 each and officials said phones are ringing off the hook for the items.

    The song "Old Town Road," by artist Lil Naz X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, has topped the Billboard Top 100 chart for a record-breaking 19 weeks in a row.


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