• Fourth-grade dancer doing flips with prosthetic leg inspires team


    COLUMBIA, S.C. - A fourth grader is going viral after her mother posted a video of the 10-year-old dancing and doing flips with her prosthetic leg. That video now has more than 2 million views. 

    Jamiyah Robinson was born with one leg shorter than the other due to a condition known as left leg femoral deficiency, and at the age of 5, she began wearing a prosthetic leg.

    Her mother says she's always encouraged Jamiyah to stand strong for what she wants.

    After watching her sister dance with the Elite Forces of Destruction, a community dance team that's been featured on the Lifetime show, "Bring It!," Jamiyah told her mother, LaShawn Jacobs, that she wanted to audition. She's been a member of the team for the last two years. 

    Jamiyah says she has her coach and her mother to thank for her courageous attitude.


    "They help me never give up. If I say I can't do something, sometimes I'll cry, but they'll tell me to never give up, to never say I can't do something, because I really can," Jamiyah told WIS.

    "My daughter, she inspires and touches a lot of people, and I just really want her to continue to inspire the world, and it's nothing that you can't do. You can do it. You just have to go for it. Jamiyah lets nothing stop her, and I want the world to know, like, go for it. Anybody with disabilities, even if you don't have a disability, just go for it and live life fearless, like my daughter," said Jacobs.


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