Pittsburgh police officer suspended over South Side bar brawl fighting back in court

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh police officer suspended over a bar brawl between motorcycle club members and undercover officers is fighting back in court.

The city reinstated him, and now he's suing the bar and two members of the Pagans motorcycle club.

Dave Lincoln, one of the undercover officers involved in the brawl in 2018, has filed a counter lawsuit against the Pagans, accusing them of assault and battery.

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"My client was definitely a victim. He was on the ground being tased while handcuffed while Lincoln stood over him," said Wendy Williams, who represents one of the Pagans, Michael Zokaites.

Lincoln is also suing the bar for negligence, claiming it didn't have security.

Court documents indicate the officers were conducting surveillance of a known drug dealer, believed to be working out of the bar.

The officers posed as off-duty construction workers. A woman recognized one of the officers and they suspected their cover was blown.

The officers told the Pagans they were not the subject of the operation, but a fight broke out.


The Pagans were initially charged with assault, but those charges were withdrawn, and the Pagans filed federal civil rights lawsuits against the city and the officers, claiming they were drunk and instigated the fight.

The other officers were placed on leave, but then reinstated.

Lincoln claims he suffered injuries to his hand, head and eye, and says that his "standing in the community was negatively impacted, despite no wrongdoing on his part, resulting in damage to his reputation."

"Obviously the city felt that they disrespected the badge. He had a lot of paid time off to recover. I don't think my client did anything to him," Williams said.

Lincoln is asking for more than $75,000. Sources tell Target 11's Rick Earle the city has asked for mediation in an attempt to settle the suits filed by the Pagans.