3 people arrested after alleged fight, attempted shooting in East Huntingdon

EAST HUNTINGDON, Pa. — Three people are behind bars after a fight broke out in an East Huntingdon home and a gun got involved.

According to the criminal complaint, Pennsylvania State Police Greensburg responded to a home on Porter Avenue on Aug. 31 for a report of an assault.

The victim, who was bleeding from the head and had rib pain, told police that he was at his home with three friends hanging out and drinking alcohol.

Just before 4 a.m., a man identified as Orlando Holt arrived at the home with two women with him. The women were identified as Tammy Vrabel and Kristen Kruel.

The criminal complaint says Holt was asked to leave the house shortly after he arrived because the victim didn’t want him or his friends there. Holt refused to leave, drank an alcoholic drink quickly and hit the victim on the head with the bottle.

Holt also shoved the victim, causing him to fall backward into a cupboard, according to the criminal complaint. This caused immediate and overwhelming pain in his ribs.

The complaint also said Holt re-approached the victim and shoved him to the ground.

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Kruel grabbed a .25-caliber pistol that was sitting on the kitchen table and handed it to Holt, saying, “shoot that son of a bitch,” according to court documents.

Holt pointed the firearm at the victim and pulled the trigger, but the gun didn’t discharge because it wasn’t loaded. Holt loaded a round into the gun while he and the victim wrestled over it.

The gun went off while the two men fought over the gun, but it didn’t hit either of them, according to the complaint.

One of the victim’s friends joined the altercation and tried to pull Holt away, the latter beginning to strike him. One of the victim’s other friends went upstairs, got a .38-caliber revolver and gave it to the victim, court documents said.

The complaint said Kruel looked to be going toward the victim’s pile of money and coins on the ground but because the victim was holding the revolver, she turned and ran away.

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Holt approached the victim again who told him, “I don’t want to shoot you” and asked him to leave once more, court documents said.

The victim and Holt began fighting over the revolver, causing it to go off and the shot to hit the kitchen floor.

Holt, Kruel and Vrabel fled the scene with two guns and cellphones from the victim and one of his friends.

The victim was treated at Frick Hospital for a left rib fracture, hand laceration and scalp laceration.

Court documents said Holt, Kruel and Vrabel were all located and taken into custody by PSP Greensburg. Kruel told police where the stolen guns were, which was where the victim’s cellphone was also located.