3 teen girls charged in fight at Aliquippa High School; mother of alleged victim speaks out

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — Three teenage students at Aliquippa are charged because police said they attacked another student during school.

The fight was caught on camera.

Channel 11 spoke exclusively with the victim’s mother, who said she thinks there’s a fighting problem at the school.

Three teenage girls allegedly ganged up on another student, punched and kicked her multiple times on her way to gym class.

The fight happened inside Aliquippa Junior Senior High in October during the school day.

“I was shocked at first, and then there was a bunch of anger that came over me,” said Tamara Tyson, the victim’s mother.

The victim’s mother said her daughter’s face was bruised afterward.

She’s not exactly sure why those girls targeted her daughter, but it may have been linked to an argument the weekend before. She doesn’t want this type of behavior to continue.

“I do think there’s a fighting problem at the school,” Tyson said.

“Because there have been entirely too many fights and if the punishments are harsher, then that can cut down on it.”

Aliquippa police charged the three girls with disorderly conduct and simple assault, misdemeanor juvenile charges. But the victim’s mother said she’s more upset at school leaders who, she said, didn’t protect her child.

“Because this wasn’t a one-time incident.

There have been a couple of incidents.

I’ve asked for a back guard to be put in the back hall where the fight took place and nobody did that, but since my daughter was attacked, that has changed. They added an extra guard,” Tyson said.

Channel 11 reached out to the Aliquippa superintendent for comment, but we are still waiting to hear back.

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