Explainer: What is unleaded 88 gas? Is it safe for your car?

PITTSBURGH — Saving money on gas is always enticing, especially when AAA says drivers could pay the highest Thanksgiving gas prices on record.

At the same time, Sheetz announced a big, new promotion for unleaded 88 gas, priced at $1.99 a gallon for Thanksgiving week.

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But what is it? And how do you know if that’s the right fuel for your car?

Channel 11 news anchor Susan Koeppen looked into those answers.

Unleaded 88 is a blend of 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol.

That makes it more environmentally friendly than the more common 87 that you see at most gas stations.

The Environmental Protection Agency says unleaded 88 can be used in cars made after 2001, light-duty trucks and medium-duty SUVs.

E15 should not be used in motorcycles, heavy-duty trucks or non-traditional vehicles like snowmobiles or lawn mowers.

Experts say unleaded 88 may get a slightly lower gas mileage, but for most drivers, it will not be noticeable in the short term.

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