63-year-old man ‘jumped’ by several juveniles in Pittsburgh Saturday night

PITTSBURGH — A man was walking home Saturday night near Liberty Green Park in East Liberty when he says a group of kids attacked him. There are still big splotches of blood on the sidewalk.

“For the kids to just pounce on him,” said Robert Morton. “No. I just don’t understand these kids.”

Robert Morton lives near the park.

“It’s shocking, but then again it ain’t shocking because anything may happen as far as this park is concerned,” Morton said. “We had a real bad shooting here when the park first opened. Shot bullet holes in my place. From over there, there was like a hundred and something shots.”

Frederick Baker also lives nearby and saw the crime tape near this intersection Saturday night.

“I just seen the police chasing the kids away,” Frederick said.

Police say officers responded to a 911 call on the 6200 block of Kalida Drive, in the East Liberty neighborhood, for a 63-year-old man who was assaulted Saturday night.

When first responders arrived, the man had a serious injury to his nose and his face and body were covered in blood. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but he was later upgraded to stable condition.

He told police he was “jumped by several juveniles” while on his way home.

“I would rather see fights then shootings, any day,” Baker said. “Because at least you can dust your pants off and go home. But it was very sad for that 60-year-old man to have to go through that.”

Baker has a unique perspective on the violence, he survived a shooting in June. He was shot in the arm while working security at the Galaxy Lounge in Homewood.

“I saved a couple of people’s lives,” Baker said. “There was a gun shooting going on, and I ended up getting hit, protecting.”

Baker described the violence in Pittsburgh as out of control.

“It’s not getting any better,” Baker said. “It’s getting worse. For us to come together and realize that, especially in the black communities, is where it’s really happening at, and we need to get it together. We need to get it together.”

Witnesses of the assault provided the name and description of a potential primary suspect. He was detained and questioned by police then later released to the custody of his mother. Detectives are reviewing all available videos of the assault and working to determine everyone involved.

Police say witnesses described one of the main juveniles who allegedly attacked this man. They questioned him and then released him to his mother. Police are still interviewing people and looking for any video that might have captured what happened here and who is responsible.

“It’s a nice park,” Baker said. “But look what happened. It’s just the children. I feel there should be some discipline at home.”

At this time, no charges have been filed.

“If you live by the gun, you die by the gun,” Baker said. “If you choose that lifestyle, that’s what’s going to happen. But you can get away from that.”

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