Allegheny County voters can answer question on pay structure for councilmembers

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — On the eve of Election Day, Channel 11 hit the streets to find out if voters know exactly what is on their ballot.

We asked about the ballot question at the bottom, talking about changes to the Allegheny County Council pay structure.

Arianna Sanker, a Pittsburgh voter, told Channel 11 she didn’t know about the question.

“It’s a slight pay increase to $10,000 and change or instead of a stipend for attending the meetings you get a salary,” said Ed Meena, a Point Park University professor.

Controversy to the question is if council members get the salary, what’s the incentive to show up for the meetings? Right now, they can miss two meetings without losing out on any money.

“I would think that would be in the back of some people’s minds that took time to read the measure, but it’s like where’s Waldo?” Meena said.

Voters want to know where the information about the question was.

“Then I would honestly know more about it and see it and I would want to answer that,” Sanker said.

While it’s too late for social media ads and flyers for this question, these voters hope the county makes a change moving forward.

“Send it out ahead of time with the voter mail-in ballot. With more information? Yeah put it on that it’s new,” said Joshua Brown, a Mount Lebanon voter.

There is no requirement to answer the question if you vote. In fact, Meena said it’s likely that more than half of the voters who do turn out tomorrow will leave this question blank.

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