Family looking for answers 2 months after woman disappeared when going on date

BRADDOCK, Pa. — Police are asking for help finding a missing Somerset woman who was last seen in Braddock.

The family of Amy Lee Bracken said the 39-year-old got a ride from Somerset Borough to North Braddock to meet someone she met online Jan. 17. No one has seen or heard from her since.

“She was a really sweet girl. She was somebody who was genuine, kind, caring. Somebody you don’t really see too often in this world," said Brandon Lordeone, the man she met on social media and went to meet.

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Bracken’s family said she’s also very active on Facebook, but she has not posted since then.

“She hasn’t contacted anybody or called anybody or got in Facebook and that’s unusual for her because she’s pretty dependent on her dad," said Diane Cielo, Bracken’s aunt.

Lordeone said after the two spent that weekend together, a man in a white Lexus with Ohio plates came to pick her up.

“She said she was going to go somewhere real quick, maybe stay the night at a friend’s house, and then come back in the morning. I’ve never heard from her since," Lordeone said.

He said it wasn’t until speaking with police a few days ago when it became clear he was the last person to see her.

“It freaked me out. I’m not going to lie. My past is colorful, to say the least. I’m not somebody that tries to do anything wrong these days," Lordeone said.

That past includes a stabbing incident in downtown Pittsburgh in 2019.

Lordeone’s charge was reduced from felony aggravated assault to summary disorderly conduct in an incident he described as self-defense.

He said he’s cooperating with everyone to help find Bracken.

Her family said they remain hopeful she’ll be found safe.

“It’s heart-wrenching, it really is. Your stomach’s in knots and you don’t know what to do," Cielo said.

Sometimes in a missing person’s case investigators can track a cellphone. Bracken’s family said she broke it days before the trip and didn’t get it replaced, making this case more difficult.

Anyone with information is asked to call Somerset Borough police at 814-445-1525.