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Residents in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood concerned over proposed high-rise apartment complex

PITTSBURGH — Shadyside residents are speaking out and fighting against a proposed high-rise apartment complex just steps away from UPMC Shadyside.

“Noise, congestion, parking! Those are the concerns,” said Virginia Flaherty from Shadyside.

Mozart Management has its eyes set on the corner of South Aiken Avenue and Claybourne Street.

The company is looking to tear down two large houses across the street from the hospital.

If they get the go ahead, they will transform the space into “Project Teocalli.”

It’s a 12-story, 132 feet high, multi-unit high rise apartment complex.

It would offer more than 130 apartments and at least 50 parking spots.

However, not everyone is on board.

“It’s gonna cause traffic, congestion. I mean, here we are in the middle of the day, and you can see the traffic here,” said Flaherty.

She and her neighbors are concerned about the long-term impact.They’re now circulating petitions to prevent further action on the project.

They say it blatantly violates zoning code and destroys the character of a historic neighborhood.

“Really it’s just a massive structure that doesn’t have a place here,” said Kevin Ryan from Shadyside.

However, some say it’s a positive sign considering how tough COVID-19 has been on local industry.

They believe it’s a positive investment.

“Now that people are investing back into that —I think It’ll be good for the local economy,” said Melissa Perla from Edgewood.

Mozart Management told Channel 11: “We are exploring a development opportunity at the corner of South Aiken and Claybourne Streets. We have engaged with our neighbors in many discussions both public and private since July 2021 including several hosted by the Shadyside Action Coalition and the Baum Centre Initiative. These discussions are important, open, and collaborative. We welcome our neighbors’ engagement and are working together to address their concerns.”

The next zoning hearing is set for April.

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