Beaver Area School District giving back to community ahead of Thanksgiving

BEAVER, Pa. — If you walked around Beaver Area Middle and High Schools, it’s not an average day of learning. Peek in the classrooms and you’d see students and staff giving back.

“To give back to the community, we are fortunate for what we have so just to do this day of giving is what it’s all about,” said Sophomore Maddox Tanner.

It’s a project that brings all the students into the season of giving.

>>> PHOTOS: Beaver Area School District giving back to community ahead of Thanksgiving

“We are having them sort clothes for adoption connection, we have students making cards for people with mental health issues, we have students making cards for veterans,” said Heather Bixler who’s a teacher.

Add in cooking baking for the women’s shelter and care packages for home bound residents, it’s the send off for students ahead of Thanksgiving break.

“I feel like it’s a great life lesson for us moving forward and what we are supposed to do as people growing up,” Tanner said.

On it’s fourth year, it’s grown to touch even more parts of the county.

“It makes me feel really proud, I’m an alum of Beaver so I know what a special community we have and to walk around and see that through another generations eyes our students is really special,” said Principal Sean Snowden of Beaver Area High School.

As these students leave to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones, they leave after having the opportunity to reflect and build as a team.

“We are just really thankful with everything everyone supports us with so now we are just giving back to everybody,” said freshman Ava Ramsey.

The elementary schools played a factor too as the kids helped in creating cards for different centers in the community.

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