Brentwood Borough Council president resigns weeks after video circulates of bar incident

BRENTWOOD, Pa. — The now-former Brentwood Borough Council president has resigned from his post. It comes just weeks after a video reportedly shows him involved in an incident outside a bar.

Former council president Dennis Troy is out of a job but says he had already planned to step down. This comes two weeks after video surfaced of an incident outside of a local bar which community members say is not acceptable.

Troy stepped down from his office two weeks after a video surfaced online of an incident outside of Theme Lounge in Brentwood on Dec. 21 which included yelling, pushing and shoving.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, several members were sworn in. Troy was not there, but Borough President Mike Foyle said community members wanted to discuss this incident.

“There’s some incident people want to talk about. We talked to our solicitor. It’s an ongoing law enforcement investigation, wouldn’t be prudent at this time to make a comment,” Foyle said.

The Center for Victims tells Channel 11 they’re working with some of the victims involved in that incident who say they were targetted for their sexual orientation.

“There are a lot of people in that community that are very upset about this as well they should be, we should expect better from our elected officials,” CEO Laurie MacDonald said. “They were your typical nasty slurs from people who have a different sexual preference.”

We reached out to Troy, who told us this incident in response to another incident involving his son over the summer. He said he did not throw any punches and wasn’t trying to fight anyone, but that he was sucker punched and sent to the hospital.

“When all the facts come out, I will be vindicated,” Troy said.

But MacDonald says the case is being escalated and the Attorney General’s Office is now involved.

Troy told us this incident is not the reason he stepped down from his role here in the community, and that it is something he’s considered for a while.

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