Car crashes into office building in Forest Hills, leaving behind major damage

FOREST HILLS, Pa. — Shards of glass, pieces of metal and a hole show the extensive destruction left behind after a car slammed into a dentist’s office just after noon Friday.


“My god that’s crazy! I came to pay a bill at my dentist’s office and the whole front is gone!” Patient Jack Glasser said.

Jack Glasser showed up at his dentist’s office today and couldn’t believe the damage.

“It looks like construction…like someone just started tearing things down but not in a good way,” Glasser said.

A woman who works at the dentist’s office says one of their patients accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake when they were parked in the lot.

“I hope the person is ok that went through there. I hope he didn’t have a medical episode. I’ve heard of those before,” she said.

The car came several feet into the office’s waiting room where someone was sitting and also into the building’s lobby.

Police told us no one was hurt.

“My wife was just here the other day, it could have been her sitting there and gotten hit,” Glasser said.

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