Fayette County man accused of trying to run over roommate with van

SALTLICK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Fayette County man is behind bars after police say he tried to run over his roommate with his van on Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re just all in shock,” said Jack Kolarik.

Kolarik is the younger brother of David Kolarik, who police arrested on Tuesday.

Jack Kolarik was in his home next door when the incident happened.

“I heard crashing and gravel being spun by the tires and I came out the back door and I could not believe what I was seeing,” Jack Kolarik told Channel 11′s Andrew Havranek.

He crashed into his carport, and then backed up into the fence between the two homes and right into Jack Kolarik’s garage. He damaged two ATV’s inside the garage.

Another brother was inside the garage just 45 minutes before all of this happening, and believes he could have been killed on impact.

David Kolarik then drove forward and rammed into his own home where his roommate was.

“I am so thankful that his roommate Andy had just stepped in and grabbed those keys,” Jack Kolarik said.

That stopped the van, and potentially saved the roommate’s live, and Kolarik’s brothers’ lives. According to court documents, David Kolarik told police he “wanted to murder” his roommate and then rammed into his brothers’ property to teach them not to mess with him.

His brothers say Kolarik has mental health issues and depression. They hate that it came to this but hope this forces him to get the help he needs.

“If it’s a mental health issue, a chemical imbalance, but my god, this speaks for itself here, this chaos,” Jack Kolarik said. “I just want him to get the proper help and keep him, you know, just lock him up for a while. Teach him a lesson, get him some mental help.

Kolarik is due in court on Dec. 12.

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