Former Braddock mayor’s home riddled with bullets while people slept inside

BRADDOCK, Pa. — It was a scary close-call in Braddock early Sunday morning when bullets went flying through former Mayor Chardae Jones’ home. She just happened to have a house full of college girlfriends sleeping in her living room when those bullets buzzed by, ricocheting throughout the rooms.

Jones shared video showing a man walking around Corey Avenue, rummaging through unlocked cars before the shots were fired. She says her boyfriend saw the commotion on their camera and yelled at the guy to scare him off. Jones says that’s when the guy got into an SUV which started driving away as bullets were fired.

“Immediately after they got into the SUV, five shots rang out throughout my house,” Jones said.

Her house was riddled with bullets - the projectiles piercing the walls - shattering windows and leaving gaping holes throughout the living room where the bullets ricocheted.

“I had my college girlfriends in town for a slumber party and we all hit the ground,” Jones said. “Thank heavens we did because there are bullet holes everywhere. That’s reckless. People don’t value other people’s lives. They don’t know how bullets can affect someone. This could have been a homicide.”

Jones says it took police roughly a half hour to get to her home, even though Braddock Police is only a half a mile down the road on Corey Avenue. Jones said a Braddock officer took the bullets. She showed us these shell casings she picked up outside her house.

“The police didn’t take pictures or anything,” Jones said. “They didn’t even write anything down.”

Braddock chose not to regionalize police departments with North Braddock, Rankin and East Pittsburgh, leaving Braddock Police critically understaffed with only part-time officers. We reached out to Braddock Police and even stopped by the department, but we couldn’t contact anyone about this investigation.

“I’m just glad we’re not reporting a different story,” Jones said. “Walls and windows can be replaced, people can’t.”

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

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