Garry family football legacy continues at Fort Cherry High School

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — Football teams are often referred to as families. At Fort Cherry High School in Washington County, that idea is literal.

Channel 11′s Pete DeLuca traveled to Fort Cherry where head coach Tanner Garry is assisted by nine family members.

“Tim Garry, my father, Brandon Gary, my brother, Corey Garry, my cousin, Kevin Garry, my uncle, MacKenzie Garry, videographer, she’s my sister, Erin Gary, also takes pictures, Riley Garry is a cousin of mine, she’s the manager and water girl, Brady Whalen is my cousin, he’s a grad assistant if you will, he’s still in college but he makes it to practices and games and does a lot of things for us, and Bill Oliverio is my father in law,” Tanner Garry explained.

Tanner Garry played quarterback for his father Tim Garry at Fort Cherry — who led the Rangers for nine seasons — right after Tim’s father, Jim Garry, was at the helm for 44 years.

After Tanner Garry’s senior year, Tim stepped down and the program was Garry-less for a short time before Tanner took the reins in 2020 and brought his dad on board as an assistant.

“I think just spending time with your son anytime whether you’re coaching him or coaching with him, it’s still good,” said Tim Garry.

Fort Cherry was 0-10 in 2019, the year before Tanner Garry took over. They have gotten better each of the last three years and are off to a 6-0 start this season.

“They’ve put in the work and really it’s a testament to the things they’ve done to try to better themselves,” said Tanner Garry.

As the Garry legacy continues to grow, the Rangers’ humble head coach knows the team’s success relies on the entire Fort Cherry family.

“There’s a lot of people up here that help this program move and function and we’re grateful for each and every one of them not just the ones that have the last name ‘Garry,’” said Tanner Garry.

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