‘Growing Up Yinzer’: Book captures Pittsburgh’s impact on those who grew up here

PITTSBURGH — A new book is highlighting Pittsburgh’s impact on the lives of over four dozen iconic figures who grew up in the area.

“Growing Up Yinzer: Memories from Beloved Pittsburghers” discussed the Steel City and its charm with figures like Bill Cowher, Dan Marino, Jeff Goldblum, Mark Cuban and more.

“Pittsburgh has been home to many amazing people: artists, entertainers, athletes, scientists, business leaders, politicians, laborers and many more so at the end of the day, Growing Up Yinzer is a book about Pittsburgh,” said author Dick Roberts. “What makes it different are the varied and thought-provoking personal stories of how each person profiled in the book grew up, what their experience was, and what or who influenced them.

Roberts said he started the project two years ago and talked with 51 people total.

“Each of them was enthusiastic about the project and had an extended period of time to talk about their passion for their hometown, and discuss in much detail how it has shaped their lives and very character,” Roberts said.

The book is on sale for $24.99 and was published through Arcadia Publishing.

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