Inspectors find violations at Sushi Bomb in Robinson after multiple reports of foodborne illness

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Health inspectors were called to Sushi Bomb in Robinson Township for reports of foodborne illness.

Nausea, dehydration and fatigue are a few symptoms people had after eating at Sushi Bomb over the weekend.

“The vomiting was like the most painful bout I’ve ever had. I felt like my chest was constricting on itself. It was pretty extreme,” Annie, a customer, told Channel 11.

“I wanted to chug a glass of water but if I took a sip I’d throw up again,” Taylor, a customer, said.

Taylor and Annie told Channel 11 they were looking forward to trying the all-you-can-eat sushi last Friday.

“We took meticulous notes about our impressions of each one. Honestly, almost every roll we had we were like, ‘That was excellent,’ like, we loved it,” Annie said.

Taylor and Annie both fell ill after eating at Sushi Bomb.

“I took some Pepto and then I started throwing up, and then I kept throwing up, I think I threw up like 10 times,” Taylor said.

They weren’t alone. Dozens of customers made complaints over the weekend.

When inspectors arrived on Tuesday, they found more than a dozen violations including problems with employee hygiene, perishable food stored at 52 degrees, mold and food residue.

The restaurant told us they’ve worked to fix those violations.

The health department confirmed it will not shut down the establishment but will continue to follow up.

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