Lawmakers pushing for emergency funding to keep people from getting kicked out of their homes

PITTSBURGH — Emergency funding aimed at keeping people struggling to pay their mortgage and rent in their homes will expire soon.

According to Action Housing, the community’s most vulnerable members still being impacted by the economic downturn are at risk of being homeless.

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“We don’t want people losing their homes. We don’t want people that can’t pay their rent,” said Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County executive.

Democratic lawmakers from southwestern Pennsylvania held a virtual news conference, urging the White House and congressional Republicans to pass the Heroes Act.

The legislation would provide relief to millions of Americans struggling during the pandemic.

The $2.2 trillion package provides housing assistance to families as well as landlords.

“This is not a Republican or Democrat problem. This is not an urban or suburban problem. This is a United States problem and a Pennsylvania challenge,” Rep. Mike Doyle said.

President Donald Trump told Fox Business in an interview Thursday that “very productive talks” are starting on airline assistance and $1,200 stimulus checks to most Americans.

“You can’t negotiate with yourself. You need a partner to negotiate with,” Doyle said.