Lightning strikes yard in Wexford, damaging 2 homes

WEXFORD, Pa. — Several lightning strikes hit a Wexford family’s yard Tuesday night. A big tree was shattered spreading debris across their yard.

The home and driveway were also damaged. Neighbors say they saw a big white flash and then a loud noise.

I just heard a tremendous boom that shook pictures off our wall, blinds off our windows, we actually thought it hit our house,” neighbor Terry Serafini said.

Serafini says he was just watching TV when lightning struck a massive tree in his neighbor’s yard around 9 p.m. along Fair Vista Court.

“Pretty much shocked, apparently there was a big white flash right before this,” Serafini said.

Channel 11 saw debris scattered across many yards. Firefighters say several lightning strikes hit this property.

“It shattered this thing was probably 40 feet tall and it just splintered so there’s like three feet of it left,”

There was also damage outside another family’s home. Inside, a boy’s room was damaged. The lightning blew out holes in the family’s driveway.

In McCandless just before 8 this morning, crews responded to a house fire along Oakridge Drive. No one was home at the time. Investigators say that was also a possible lightning strike.

Clean-up is underway. Neighbors say they are just happy that no one was hurt.

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