Local family donates meals to people with babies in ICU

PITTSBURGH — The holidays can be a very hard time for families with sick babies but that is why Brooks’ Blessings is trying to help them out.

Brooks’ Blessings is a local organization started by Brian and Olivia Bohn who spent 50 days in the hospital during the 2021 Thanksgiving season when their son was born.

Doctors had to perform an emergency surgery on their son Brooks but there were still multiple hurdles for the family to overcome. Brooks was put on ventilators and feeding tubes and had to undergo blood draws and ultrasounds during Thanksgiving.

He eventually recovered and the Bohn family was able to go home happy. The family started the organization in 2022 to give back to the people who helped them.

The group donated 80 meals to the UPMC Newborn ICU to help families who were in the hospital for Thanksgiving and experiencing similar situations.

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