Local mother searching for dog after sitter disappears with her

TRAFFORD, Pa. — It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare: leaving a furry friend in the care of someone else, only for them not to be there when they return. It became a reality for a local woman.

Eva Hodgdin and her three kids left their dog, Nani, with a sitter they’d met through a neighborhood Facebook group.

“She messaged me privately and said she had German Shepherds, that she had been an apprentice groomer,” Hodgdin said. “Everything seemed trustworthy.”

However, it wasn’t.

“I started getting this real gut feeling something was wrong,” Hodgdin said.

When she arrived home, the sitter and the dog were nowhere to be found. Not only did the woman not live at the address given, she had used a fake name online.

“I should’ve checked more. I just never imagined anyone could ever do something like this.”

Now, the search is on for the 50-pound, all-black German Shepherd with a curly tail.

“She has one ear that sticks up and one that flops down. It’s super cute and gives her a lot of personality.”

Eva is still holding out hope for another answered prayer: the safe return of Nani before her kids come home.

“If not, it will be a lesson, for now, in trusting people and making sure you’re checking and being safe.”

“But I’m just really hoping she’s home first and this can be a story I tell them later down the line.”

Hodgdin is working with both Trafford and Braddock police departments. If anyone does see a dog fitting Nani’s description, they are asked to call police. You can also reach out to Hodgdin on Facebook.

Trafford Police tell Channel 11 the dogsitter in this case is facing charges.

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