Local care home employee facing charges after allegedly assaulting elderly patient

State police charged a worker at a local personal care home who they say injured an elderly patient who ended up being taken to the hospital.

43-year-old Luke Bondra of Arnold was arrested after state police said he hurt an elderly man at the Fawn Personal Care Home on Sunday in Tarentum.

The 74-year-old victim told police Bondra shoved him to the ground causing him to hit his head and cut his arm.

The victim walked out of the care home and was taken to Allegheny Valley Hospital by a bystander to be treated.

The facility’s co-owner said what allegedly happened is unacceptable.

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“That’s terrible. That’s unbelievable a worker would do something like that and even allowed this person to walk out of the building. He should have immediately had administered care to him and notified us took care of the situation,” said Gerry Vaerewyck, the co-owner of the Fawn Personal Care Home.

Bondra told police he was trying to give the victim medication when the man became upset and shoved his walker into Bondra’s leg. Bondra said he grabbed the walker and pushed it towards the victim causing him to fall into a TV and then the ground.

Bondra said he did not check on the victim after falling or check for injuries.

The co-owner said they fired Bondra. He was an aide there for a couple of years with no prior incidents.

“We are cooperating with police in this investigation and the agency on aging will be coming down to further the investigation,” said Vaerewyck.

The victim told police he’s fearful of the facility and did not want to go back to the “bully”. Channel 11 asked the co-owner for an update on the victim.

“The patient is still at the hospital we talked with the family, and they are justifiably upset over the whole incident,” said Vaerewyck.

State police are investigating this case. Bondra faces charges including simple assault and harassment.

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