Man convicted of second-degree murder in 2021 killing of Larimer U-Haul clerk

PITTSBURGH — The man who killed a U-Haul clerk in Pittsburgh’s Larimer neighborhood in 2021 has been convicted of second-degree murder.

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Braijon Burton, who was 21 at the time of the shooting, wanted to rent a truck but couldn’t afford to pay for it.

Burton shot and killed Jake Jaillet, 21, who was working at the store for the summer, before leading police on a chase along Route 28.

“He’s an amazing man,” said Jeff Jaillet. “Only 21 years old. He’s the greatest man I’ll ever know.”

Jeff Jaillet described his son Jake as emotions from the last two and a half years swirled inside of him, but at last, he experienced a feeling of relief.

“It’s been a long road,” said Jaillet. “And it’s justice for Jake.”

For the last week, 12 jurors listened to hours of evidence, testimony from witnesses and a heart-wrenching call for help from Jake’s friend who heard the gunshots. They were working at the same U-Haul location together during summer break.

“I’d like to thank Pittsburgh police,” said Jaillet.  “It was an amazing coordinated effort. We didn’t know about until the trial that brought this man to justice as quickly as they did. It could have been a lot worse. Thank the ADA. Thank the DA’s office. An amazing case. Made it in my opinion an easy decision.”

The jurors asked a few questions that made the Jaillet family nervous that a unanimous decision might not be reached. One of those questions was if there’d be more direction from the court if they couldn’t agree. And another one was if they’d have to explain why they were thinking guilty or not guilty.

“I guess for me I figured it was an open and shut case,” said Jaillet.  “And when you hear that. I mean obviously from the defense’s standpoint. They’re going to be looking for that. That was the best shot that they had so sure we were nervous, but in the end, justice was served.”

The jurors found Burton guilty not only of second degree murder but also seven other charges including robbery of a motor vehicle and aggravated assault.

“Happy for ourselves,” said Jaillet.  “Our family. Our friends. Mostly for Jake.”

Burton will be sentenced in 90 days. He’s looking at life in prison without parole.

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