Massive athletic complex could be coming to Butler County

BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. — A massive athletic complex could be headed to Butler County.

Commissioners just approved a feasibility study.

Commissioner Kevin Boozel tells Channel 11 there is a desire to put a “large-scale,” “Olympic-style” event center in the county. He says it’s the perfect location.

“We’re not that far from New York and we’re not that far from Chicago, we’re kind of right in the middle. I think that there’s a draw from Allegheny to Philly. We’re kind of that centralized hub still with space to develop,” Boozel said.

The feasibility study will tell commissioners a lot, including what sites in the county might make sense.

“Of course, we have some sites in mind, but they’re only sites,” Boozel said. “We’re looking at areas that will fit a certain size. Parking is also a huge concern. Do you build it up? Do you build it out?”

Should plans eventually be approved, Boozel tells Channel 11 he doesn’t expect taxes to be raise, citing private money. It’s unclear how much the project would cost.

“These things don’t happen overnight. They don’t happen in probably a year. This is probably a three to five-year process to get this Olympic-style.”

The feasibility study is expected to be completed in March.

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