Monte Cello’s in Cranberry out $100K after checks stolen in mail

CRANBERRY, Pa. — The owner of the Monte Cellos in Cranberry said he’s a victim of a major theft.

Last month, Joe Savage reported to police that he mailed eight business checks outside the Cranberry post office but two of his checks were stolen en route to his vendors.

“The two biggest checks and the bank called it check washing them. They took the name of who they were written to off and put another name on there and they cashed them. One in California and one in Georgia,” Savage said.

The total amount cashed was $100,000. Savage said this is a huge loss. He said if he doesn’t get that money back, this could cause a burden on his business and put him behind on his bills.

“It impacts everything. You worry about your payroll. If this money doesn’t come back to me, a lot of things are going to have to change, maybe prices to make up for the $100,000 but that’s not fair to my customers,” Savage said.

Savage showed us a copy of the checks that were stolen.

“My security marks are gone. Doesn’t even look like the same check. It was whited out with someone’s name with a California address on it and it was cashed in California,” said Savage.

He wants to warn other businesses this is happening and to be extra careful. Right now, Cranberry Township police are investigating how and where this happened and who’s behind this.

The United States Postal Service is working with the police on this investigation.

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