New dashcam video shows questioning of man accused of killing off-duty police officer in 2019

PITTSBURGH — In a never-before-seen dashcam video, jurors got their first opportunity to hear directly from Christian Bey in court on Wednesday.

The video shows an officer questioning him just one day after the fatal shooting that claimed the life of off-duty police officer Calvin Hall in 2019.

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In the dashcam video, police pulled Bey over to question him about the shooting outside of his home on Monticello Street the night before.

They begin by reading him his Miranda Rights and letting him know he is not under arrest and is only being questioned.

Police say Bey became a person of interest after witnesses testified he was at the block party, but he was nowhere to be found when police arrived.

When questioned, Bey seemed uncertain about how he arrived at the party.

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“How did you get to the party? Were you in this car, the car you are driving today?” Detective Edward Fallert asked.

“Yes, I was dropped off, I mean I drove my car. Parked at my mom’s and left with a friend. We went to go have drinks,” Bey replied.

Police also asked Bey what time he left the party, but he was unsure and said he went to an after-hours nightclub that opened at 1:30 a.m. with his friend, James Blackmon.

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Police continued their interview and asked Bey if he owned a gun and if he owns or knows anyone who owns a .45 caliber pistol. That’s the murder weapon police collected in the alley where witnesses said they saw Bey run after the shooting.

“I probably know I don’t own guns, but I don’t know what type of guns anyone else has. I’m not allowed to be around their guns,” Bey said.

Bey was not arrested at the time of the questioning.

Blackmon, the man Bey said he was with the night of the shooting, is a witness for the Commonwealth, and will be called to testify at some point during this case.

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