Ohio man, Butler woman accused of trying to flee traffic stop, pulling state trooper into their car

BUTLER, Pa. — State police say two people tried to drive away from a traffic stop with a trooper in their car.

It was after 1:30 a.m. Sunday when the trooper first pulled over Lamar Bailey, 36, and Kelsey Meyers, 28, near the intersection of Vogel Road in Butler Township. The duo reportedly pulled into a Sheetz parking lot but then decided to speed off, causing the trooper to be pulled into the car as the driver hit the gas on Route 8.

“They’re driving away with no care to his safety and wellbeing. What’s the point of having a cop if you’re not gonna listen?” Cal Dittman said.

Troopers were able to stop the car 200 feet down the road, taking both Bailey and Meyers into custody.

“A lot of people need to respect the police officers and don’t do that kind of stuff,” Kimberlee Antolik said.

“We hold them to a higher standard. They go through schooling, they go through training and you have some Joe Schmoe who just doesn’t care,” Dittman added.

State police say after Bailey and Meyers were arrested, their empty car rolled backward, hitting a responding state police car.

That same police car required biological decontamination after a passenger tried spitting out of the window.

State Police say both Bailey and Meyers were under the influence of and in possession of controlled substances.

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