Pennsylvania primary results give us a look at what to expect in November General Election

PITTSBURGH — The results of Pennsylvania’s Presidential Primary were inevitable. Neither President Biden nor former President Trump faced any real challenge.

That doesn’t mean we can’t glean information about the race heading into November.

“The election may come down to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is one of the swingiest of swing states,” Chris Bonneau, Professor of Political Science at Pitt said.

“There’s no real uncertainty about what you’re going to get. So, it’s not as simple as do you fire the incumbent and try something else or it’s do you fire the incumbent and rehire this guy who we just fired, he said.

On the Democratic side, some voters have used their ballots as a form of protest, casting “uncommitted” votes instead of voting for President Biden.

In fact, in swing state Michigan, more than 100,000 voters did that, mostly as a sign of their disapproval of how the administration is handling the war in Gaza.

“The real choice for those kind of voters isn’t Biden vs. Trump. It’s Biden vs. staying home,” Bonneau said.

Lt. Gov. Austin Davis spoke to Channel 11 on behalf of the Biden campaign. He says he’s not worried about those voters staying home or switching sides.

“I feel confident this is going to be a clear contrast between moving America forward or a vision that wants to take us backwards,” he said.

On the Republican side, it’s a similar story. Former President Trump doesn’t have the support of every GOP voter.

“He’s got a very committed group of followers that are going to vote for him no matter what and then there are some who are never going to vote for him,” Bonneau said.

He says it’s more likely Republican non-Trump voters vote for Biden than vice versa.

Channel 11 did reach out to the Trump campaign for comment on this story but we have not heard back.

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