Pittsburgh councilmember proposes bill that would protect medical marijuana cardholders

Proposed legislation before Pittsburgh City Council would add medical marijuana cardholders to the list of protected classes in the City of Pittsburgh.

“My team and I are very excited to be introducing an ordinance today protecting medical marijuana patients against employment discrimination,” said Councilmember Barb Warwick.

With supporters at her side, Warwick introduced the bill Tuesday morning.

It would protect patients who use cannabis to treat a medical condition from drug testing when applying for a job and classify drug testing for marijuana as a requirement for employment as discrimination.

Saundra Cole says the legislation would benefit Hazelwood.

“There is a lot of development happening now in our community and it is affecting the people who are in my community from getting those jobs, so I look forward to this bill being passed because it’s such a need with a lot of our people dealing with mental health and they self medicate,” Cole said.

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