Pittsburgh police investigating after report of teens being robbed of Halloween candy at gunpoint

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Police said they responded to a 911 call on Halloween night for two kids who say they were robbed at gunpoint of their candy. This happened around 6:45 p.m. on Halloween night near Carrick Plaza along Brownsville Road. Police say they’re investigating whether the weapons were real or not.

“It makes you scared if you see a bunch of kids running around in a group like a pack of wild dogs,” Arthur Rawls told Channel 11.

Employees of a local business said they witnessed the chaos and that a group of teens ripped the security buzzer off their front door, trashed the place and shot airsoft pellets inside, striking another kid.

Rawls said his sister lives across the street from the plaza and that he worries about her safety every day.

“If you’re going to rob some kids of candy, what would you do to a senior citizen lady?” Rawls said.  “It’s something to think about. It’s really a shame.”

Most stores in Carrick Plaza have signs on their doors saying they lock up for a couple of hours each day when school lets out, after massive fights in the plaza with nearly a hundred kids.

“They don’t want them coming in there like that,” Rawls adds. “I think they’re in fear, really.”

We did see Pittsburgh Police patrolling the area all day. Businesses say they need dedicated security in the plaza and consequences for the teens who they say are terrorizing their community.

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